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Guidelines for Club Members

Guidelines for Run Leaders

Guidelines for Club Members

Budleigh Runners was founded on 21 October 2019 as a group of friendly people who wanted to run together. Our club motto is ‘A Pace for Everyone’. We are affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs and are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) governed by the Charity Commission. We try as much as possible to include all abilities to enable everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy running.

Budleigh Runners work hard to protect the safety and wellbeing of its members by having risk assessments and policies in place. However, members are responsible for their own health and safety and wellbeing whilst running and everyone participates at their own risk.

Information about Club Runs are sent to members by email every week.

Check you are running with a group suited to your pace

  • Beginners or new club members are advised to seek advice about which group will suit their pace. Club runs and groups are advertised weekly in a group email.
  • If you have concerns about a route, the terrain or run etiquette discuss this with your designated Run Leader

Running with a group

  • Be prepared to run at the pace of your designated Run Leader
  • Make your Run Leader aware if you are carrying an injury or returning following an injury
  • If you are finding the pace too challenging make the Run Leader aware – he/she will ensure that you are able to continue running safely
  • Please listen and respect the information given to you by the Run Leader
  • Make the Run Leader aware if you leave the group. The Run Leader can not take responsibility for members who run ahead of the group or leave the group without informing the Run Leader
  • Be prepared to loop back to the group or wait at a designated place if asked to by the Run Leader
  • The Run Leader has the option to cancel a Club Run if there are less than three Club Members present


  • Make sure you warm up before running and stretch following a run – our LiRF Run Leaders have received specific training in this area
  • Carry an ICE tag (Park Run bands and tags are recommended)
  • Wear clothing and footwear suitable for running. It is recommended that trail shoes are worn on trail runs and uneven surfaces.
  • It is strongly recommended that Hi-Viz clothing is worn on all runs in poor light and in the dark. It is advisable to carry/wear a torch
  • Headphones are not permitted on Club runs
  • Take extra care at road crossings and uneven surfaces and listen to the advice of the Run Leader


  • If you have concerns about the welfare of a Club Member during a run please speak to a
    member of the Committee.

Happy Running!

Date: 12 December 2023
Review: Annually

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Guidelines for Run Leaders

These guidelines are designed to protect the health and safety of Run Leaders and Club members and conform with the guidelines of the Association of Running Clubs.

Know Your Route

  • Have a clear idea of the route for your run. Monday Club runs are emailed in advance. Leaders and runners should be made aware of special considerations for example; steps, uneven ground, road crossings and street lighting.

Run Organisation

  • Monday Club Runs: Run Leaders will be appointed to lead groups based on pace. A Tail Runner will always stay with the last person on the run. The Run Leader for the penultimate group will run with the Tail Runner.
  • All Other Club Runs: A Run Leader and Tail Runner will be appointed.

Know Your Pace

  • Keep to the advertised pace. If the group has not kept together consider looping back or ask your group to wait at a designated place.

There will be occasions when runners will not follow the Run Leader guidance. The Member Guidelines state that Budleigh Runners can not be held responsible for runners who get lost or injured running without the oversight of the Run Leader.

Count Your Runners

  • Count the runners in your group before starting the run, periodically during the run and when the run is completed. If a member of your group is missing inform the main Run Leader.

Know Your Runners

  • Greet new runners to the Club and ensure that they are in the appropriate group for their pace. Ensure that they have appropriate clothing and footwear for the planned
  • Ask new runners to complete a membership form before running (to be carried with First Aid Kit).
  • The maximum number for each Run Leader should not exceed eight.
  • If fewer than three members are present at a Club Run the Run Leader has the option to cancel the run.

Emergency Procedures

  • All runners run at their own risk and have completed a health disclaimer, however if you have concerns about a member’s fitness to run please inform a member of the committee.
  • Run Leaders must carry a mobile phone and be able to contact the main Run Leader for the session in the event of an emergency. All incidents/injuries sustained during a
    run must be reported to the Committee immediately and an ARC Incident Form must be completed and submitted within seven days.
  • Club members are advised to carry an ICE tag.
  • Run Leaders should attend Basic First Aid training arranged by the Club or have existing First Aid qualifications.


  • During winter months Run Leaders and Club Members it is highly recommended that Hi-Viz reflective clothing is worn and that runners carry or wear torches.
  • All Run Leaders should wear a Run Leader vest, carry a First Aid kit and a spare membership form in the zipped pocket.
  • It is highly recommended that trail shoes should be worn on trail runs and uneven surfaces.
  • Be prepared to call out hazards on the route: oncoming cars; low hanging branches; slippery surfaces; pedestrians; dogs and other animals; deep water etc.
  • Be extra vigilant at road crossings and on uneven ground..


  • The Committee reserve the right to cancel planned runs during periods of adverse weather.


  • Please inform the Committee if you have concerns about the welfare of a Club Member.

Date agreed: 12 December 2023
Date for review: Annually

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